Lukasz is an internet entrepreneur and investor. His track record includes: Co-founder at Delivery Hero; Co-founder and CEO at Spreadshirt; Co-founder and Partner at Team Europe (Company Builder); Co-founder and Advisor at Point Nine Capital (early stage VC). Founding Investor and/or Company Builder at studiVZ, Mister Spex,, SponsorPay, HitFox Group, Käuferportal, and others. Lukasz serves or served as Chairman at most of the aforementioned companies. Further, he is Co-founder and was founding editor at, today one of Europe’s largest entrepreneurship magazines.

Besides holding board positions, Lukasz is an active investor. As to investment focus, beyond consumer internet and market places Lukasz is currently interested in aeronautics (all things which physically fly as well as related technologies) and eying more tech fields for the future, like the field of robotics and reinforcement learning.