We leverage the unique DNA of each of our target geographies in order to build a balanced portfolio. This means for example that we will invest in marketplaces in Germany and enabling technologies in Israel. This approach creates cross fertilization within the portfolio in both business and product domains.

We are backed by a diversified set of family offices, entrepreneurs and institutional investors all over the world, primarily from our core geographies: Europe, Israel and the US. Relying on our broad contact network we can help our companies to bridge geographical gaps and create hiring and business opportunities for them.

Identifying market shifts and current trends, we make sure to stay in tune with the market and to have expert knowledge in particular verticals, such as transportation & mobility, fintech, foodtech, cybersecurity and many others.

Incorporating an opportunity-centric approach, we also engage in secondary investments, for the benefit of early investors and founders.

Growth Stage

Our growth stage partnerships include mature, established companies that are interested in reinforcing their market position or taking on new challenges. Investments range between $5-50 M per deal.

Early Stage

Early stage investments, with a scope of $1-5 M, enable companies to bring their business to the next level, scale early revenues, expand geographically, add relevant team members and go beyond their existing boundaries.

Seed Stage

Identifying true potential at the start means that we recognize where potential exists, and trust the people we work with to bring forth their potential, passion and talent to make it real. Seed stage investments are defined at $200-500k per deal. From the initial idea and through the first steps of the business we offer our support and guidance to entrepreneurs accordingly.