• Founder Portrait Delivery Hero.

    Lukasz Gadowski

    Co-Founder, Deliveryhero

    Working with Target Global was straightforward, highly efficient and exceptionally fast.

  • Hakan Koc, Founder Auto1.

    Hakan Koç

    Founder & Managing Director, Auto1

    Target Global is entrepreneurial, fast and decisive. They get things done, whether it is finding professionals for the board or supporting important company initiatives. On top of that, they are fun to spend time with!

  • Wefox Founder JulianTeicke.

    Julian Teicke

    Founder & CEO, Wefox

    Target Global has a sincere interest in the sustainable development of our business. When we meet, all they think about are opportunities on how Target Global can support the business with their network and knowledge. They are highly passionate, loyal and very rare amongst investors.

  • Mariusz Gralewski, Founder Docplanner.

    Mariusz Gralewski

    Co-Founder & CEO, Docplanner

    Target Global has helped us scale by making its network available to us in various countries and topic areas, and by supporting us in the expansion of our fundraising efforts. We appreciate their honest feedback and helicopter view of the VC and start-up landscape en route to turning us into a truly global player in healthcare.

  • Portrait Founder Badi.

    Carlos Pierre

    Founder & CEO, Badi

    It is not only about commitment, experience, and advice when seeking for potential investors, that’s was a must for us. We were looking for someone who could connect with our vision and our team. Target Global was the right choice to help us in our journey to make a great impact in this world.

  • Felix Schneider, Dreamlines.

    Felix Schneider

    Co-Founder & CEO, Dreamlines

    Target Global has been very supportive for Dreamline’s team, thoughtful and always accessible. Additionally, they have an outstanding international network — just the way it’s supposed to be for a VC.

  • Doreen Huber, Founder Lemoncat.

    Doreen Huber

    Founder & CEO, Lemoncat

    I appreciate their entrepreneurial thinking and great advice. Target Global has been a very valuable investor for LEMONCAT!

  • Isaac Saft, Founder Vatbox.

    Isaac Saft

    Co-Founder & CEO, Vatbox

    Target Global’s track record in venture management and development will be invaluable to VATBox, as we consolidate our market leadership in existing markets and expand into new countries.

  • Boaz Yaari, Founder of Sharegain.

    Boaz Yaari

    Co-Founder & CEO, Sharegain

    Target Global was one of our initial investors and has always been supportive and helpful. They provide us with clear and comprehensive advice, access to relevant contacts and a strong sense of partnership.

  • Andreas Rudyk, Smartfrog.

    Andreas Rudyk

    Co-Founder, Smartfrog

    The Target Global team understands entrepreneurs, and provides consistent support for strong growing companies from seed to late stage.

  • Portrait Founder of Mediquo.

    Guillem Serra, Albert Castells

    Founders, Mediquo

    Target Global is the perfect partner for us. We need partners such as Target Global for MediQuo to reach the next level. They are helping us a lot with their constant support their talent for growth.

  • Klarx Founder Matthias Handschuh, Vincent Koch, Florian Handschuh.

    Florian Handschuh, Matthias Handschuh, Vincent Koch

    Founders, Klarx

    By starting our partnership with Target Global we got access to so much experience and knowledge. Target Global truly is a VC who saw all growth stages of a company, therefore many of our challenges can be tackled with a “have seen it before”-knowledge base.

  • Founder Portrait, Grover.

    Michael Cassau

    Co-Founder & CEO, Grover

    Working with Target Global is always entrepreneurial and fast paced. Target moves fast, knows the industry, understands a company’s capital needs and makes meaningful introductions to reach tier-1 scale for its partnerships.

  • Maya Gura, Founder of Missbeez.

    Maya Gura

    Co-Founder & CEO, Missbeez

    Target Global was a natural choice for us, not only because of its focus on the European ecosystem and its powerful network, but also due to their vast experience working with large-scale marketplaces. Their experience and connections are helping me lead Missbeez to the next growth stage.

  • Slava Bronfman, Founder Cybellum.

    Slava Bronfman

    Co-Founder & CEO, Cybellum

    Working with Target is working with people who want your success, and is way more than just business partnership, we have friendly, open and supportive atmosphere. They know to help when you need it, and at the same time to give the founders the freedom to run the company.

  • Philipp Andernach, Founder of Service Partner One.

    Philipp Andernach

    CEO, Service Partner One

    Target Global’s commitment and strong expertise in complex models like ours was instrumental in the process of bringing us on a strong and ready to scale track. Target Global brings in everything a VC can provide a start-up when facing growth opportunities.

  • Nikita Fahrenholz, Founder of Book a tiger.

    Nikita Fahrenholz

    Co-Founder & CEO, Bookatiger

    Target Global is very much what I am looking for in a VC. Hands-on mentality, fast response loop and analytical support, as well as an extensive network that enables the growth of our company.

  • Oleg Seydak, Co-Founder & CEO Blackmoon.

    Oleg Seydak

    Co-Founder & CEO, Blackmoon

    I’m proud to have Target Global among our investors and partners. The guys from the fund are truly helpful and highly responsive. Through our cooperation we have always been able to achieve rational and mutually beneficial goals.

  • Daniel Zelkind, Founder Zeek.

    Daniel Zelkind

    Co-Founder & CEO, Zeek

    Working with Target Global means working with people who want you to succeed. It is much more than just a business partnership; we work together in a friendly, open and supportive atmosphere. They know how to offer their help when you need it, while giving the founders the freedom to run the company.