BusinessWire: HARMAN OTA Solution applying Cybellum

The new Automotive Cybersecurity add-on to HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service (OTA) provides the following capabilities to manage vulnerabilities in the automotive software supply chain:

  • Automated scanning of binaries directly from the OTA system before update campaigns are activated.
  • An up-to-date security score to help OEMs identify the risk level in deploying specific vehicle software components.
  • Continuous monitoring of deployed binaries and identification and alerting of zero-day vulnerabilities utilizing Cybellum solution.
  • A full impact analysis at the binary level to assess the level of an OEM’s fleet exposure.
  • Seamless integration with partner Cybellum vulnerability detection solution.


Cybellum Technologies LTD, an automotive cybersecurity company, helps car manufacturers and other automotive stakeholders to manage the security of all the automotive components received via the supply chain, and monitor their risk throughout their entire lifecycle. Giving a full visibility into the supply chain, detection of vulnerabilities, control over risk, and continues monitoring which enables meeting compliance and enforcing organizational security policies.

Cybellum’s solution is deployed in a variety of OEMs and Tier-1s across 3 continents.

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