Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. Our co-founding strategy focuses on creating businesses together with trusted founders from across our ecosystem and growing them from idea to market leader.

At Target Global we don’t choose between entrepreneurship and investment, we do both.

Co-founding is the birthplace for innovative ideas and a testing ground for new products and business concepts. We attract the most exciting creators as co-founders by applying our seasoned investment and business expertise directly to create and scale companies with outstanding potential.

Our team forms symbiotic partnerships dedicated to solving fundamental problems within trillion-dollar industries. Co-founding is our exclusive approach to building businesses proactively, benefitting from Target Global’s firm-wide expertise and resources to propel exponential growth.

Shmuel Chafets, Founder and Partner:
“We have the privilege of working with some of the best co-founders out there. All of them undoubtedly could have started their businesses on their own, but they have chosen to do it in partnership with us to accelerate their time to market and probability of success."