“Growth comes through analogy; through seeing how things connect, rather than only seeing how they might be different.”
                   - Albert Einstein

Overcoming the challenges of life as an early-stage company, achieving scale, and reaching the growth stage is worthy of celebration.  But this stage in a company’s lifecycle brings equally difficult, and potentially existential, challenges of its own.

Target Global is a supportive partner on this journey. Our multi-fund structure gives us the ammunition to provide you with the necessary capital at every stage. Paired with the multitude of services and opportunities we offer beyond the means of a typical venture investor, our offering ensures that founders are as prepared as possible before attempting to make the quantum leaps required for sustained success.

Our experienced team of founders-turned-investors provide a wealth of counsel rooted in personal experience, and as founders inevitably target international expansion, our network of offices in top European tech hubs give you the vital on-the-ground support and connections to ensure as smooth a landing as possible in new markets.

Whether with capital injections, strategic advice, connections, or services, we are experts at navigating the inevitable challenges of scaling. From building a best-in-class board to managing culture as you grow, evolving a national champion into a global player, expanding one successful product into multiple lines that redefine new sectors, or turning a disruptor into a leader. We’ve helped DeliveryHero, Wefox, Flink, Rapyd, Copper, and countless others during this pivotal transition, and we’re here to help you.

Yaron Valler, CIO and Founder