Target​ ​Global​ ​Launches​ ​a​ ​New​ ​Fund​ ​Focused​ ​On​ ​Early​ ​Stage Companies​ ​in​ ​Europe​ ​and​ ​Israel

Target​ ​Global​ ​Launches​ ​a​ ​New​ ​Fund​ ​Focused​ ​On​ ​Early​ ​Stage
Companies​ ​in​ ​Europe​ ​&​ ​Israel

Target Global, an international VC firm based in Berlin, announced today (Wednesday,
September 13th, 2017) the first closing of a new EUR 100 million fund focused on early
stage investments. Target Global Early Stage Fund I will invest in seed and A rounds,
and is expected to fund up to 20 companies throughout its lifetime. The fund will be
managed by Yaron Valler, Shmuel Chafets, Alexander Frolov and Mike Lobanov.

The fund will operate out of Target Global’s main office in Berlin and will invest
primarily in Germany and Israel while allocating some capital for investments across the
EU. The fund will be the first to connect two of the most important and quickly growing
ecosystems in the global tech world, Berlin and Tel Aviv, and will emphasize
partnerships between the two locations.

“Both cities are dynamic tech hubs and each brings a unique skill-set to the table. Target
Global’s Early Stage Fund will serve as a bridge connecting Tel Aviv and Berlin. Germany in
general and Berlin more specifically have been able to produce great companies, but if Berlin
truly hopes to become a global tech hub it must open itself up to real innovations and
groundbreaking technologies. On the other hand, If Israel wants to continue to be the “start up
nation” , it has to create sustainable, long-term companies and efficient business processes. We
already see some early signs of collaboration taking place, but we believe we can help expand it
to other industries,” says Shmuel Chafets, General Partner at Target Global.
“First of all it’s a very unique combination of what we do in terms of content. Target Global is not
just investing in internet startups – consumer internet and marketplaces – but also in deep tech.
One part of my heart and soul is to be a scientist or engineer, this is what I enjoy very much. It is
very unique that the fund does both. Also, it’s super impressive how fast it was built. It’s sort of
the new aggressive kid on the block in the european area. This is just the beginning, if this is

Target Global’s starting dynamic you can imagine how it’s going to continue.” says Lukasz
Gadowski, Entrepreneur in Residence at Target Global and Co-Founder of Delivery Hero.

The fund will continue Target Global’s strategy of investing in innovative teams and
companies across several established sectors, including software and marketplaces, as
well as focusing on emerging sectors such as mobility, Insurtech, RegTech and fintech.

“We have a strong track record of investments in early stage, high-growth companies around
the world, and fintech has always been one of our main priorities. We were among the first to
foresee the opportunities in this industry and to invest in companies that now demonstrate
impressive performance,” says Mike Lobanov, General Partner at Target Global. “We see our
new fund as a long-term commitment and strongly believe that the Early Stage Fund’s clear
focus and professional team will provide our investors with superior returns. We will definitely
also look at startups dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”
“Technology and innovative companies are our passion and I am absolutely thrilled that we
have a tool that lets us support revolutionary tech developments from their inception. With the
launch of this fund, Target Global is uniquely positioned to support companies throughout their
entire life cycle. I look forward to continuing to work with some of the best founders in Europe in
order to realize their dreams and create the upcoming technologies that will change the world,”
says Yaron Valler, General Partner at Target Global.

About Target Global
Target Global is an international VC firm with over $500 million in assets under
management and offices in Berlin, Tel Aviv, San Francisco and Moscow. Target Global
focuses primarily on fast-growing, digitally-enabled B2C and B2 SMB companies in
fintech, travel, software and mobile communications. Since 2012, Target Global has
invested in more than 40 leading companies including Delivery Hero, Blue Apron,
Dreamlines, Prosper, Juno, VATBox, Blackmoon, DocPlanner, WeFox, Lemoncat,
Auto1 and many others.